About the women ministey

This is the women’s ministry of Pottersville Church International and consists of all ladies in the respective branches. We believe in salvation through Christ Jesus and in the mission and Core Values of the church. Our mission is; “to preach the Gospel for the salvation of the whole man, equip potential leaders for ministry and effective Christian testimony in their vocations in an environment of love and strong family links”.

The Women Ministry consists of ladies who are 25 years and above. However if a lady is married and is below the age of 25 years, they automatically become members of this group.

Honesty, Respect, Faith, Excellence, Holy Ambition, Hard Work and Achievement are the core values we live by.

Our aim is to build up:
•    Virtuous women
•    Generous women
•    Women of character
•    Women who fear the Lord
•    Women who will mentor the younger ones
•    Strong, viable and productive relationships and to set good examples of service to God in every way.
•    Hard working and enterprising women who can mobilise resources for their family and the church.

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