Dr Joy Owusu is a dynamic woman of god from a humble christian background .growing up,she was taught to follow the ways of God and learn to nurture herself in the teachings of the lord, and has grown to become on the most influential christ branded women of God.
walking her years from school through to the university,she has learnt to make the lord her shepherd as she depends totally on him.this has led her to finding herself in the position where she became a woman’s leader in ministry and over the fifteen years been in practical Ministry. she is the founder of Precious women ministry.under her leadership is aimed at helping every woman discover her potentials and acknowledge her purpose in life being responsible in society. this has helped many women identify their potential and with her help , made them achieve the best for themselves
she the the co-founder of the Potterville church international.her pastors wives and women leaders network focuses on bringing women in leadership under one umbrella to learn,acquire knowledge and identify their roles
Dr Joy Owusu is also the C.E.O of the joy laundry services(J.L.S) which provides comfortable and accessible laundry services.she has contributed massively to the progress of the champion prophetic leadership college which has trained and raised over seven thousand pastors,Apostles,prophets and evangelists over the past fifteen years.
she is married to Bishop Sam owusu and they are blessed with four beautiful kids

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President of Precious Women Network

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